Many watch lovers are familiar with the fact that 2016 Cheap Rolex Watches uses a type of steel that no one else uses. Stainless steel is not all the same. Steel comes in various types and grades... and most steel watches are made from a type of stainless steel called 316L. Today, all the steel in Cheap Rolex watches is made from 904L steel, and as far as we know, pretty much no one else does. Why?

Cheap Rolex Replica used to use the same steel as everyone else, but in around 2003 they moved their entire steel production to 904L steel. In 1988 they released their first 904L steel watch with a few versions of the Sea-Dweller. 904L steel is more rust and corrosion resistant, and is somewhat harder than other steels. Most important to Rolex Replica UK, is that 904L steel, when worked properly, is able to take (and hold) polishes incredibly well. If you've ever noticed that steel on a Fake Rolex watch looks different than other watches, it is because of 904L steel, and how Rolex Replica has learned to work with it.

A natural question is why doesn't everyone else in the cheap replica watches industry use 904L steel? A good guess is because it is more expensive and much more complicated to machine. Rolex had to replace most of their steel working machines and tools to deal with 904L steel. It made sense for them because of the amount of watches they produce, and because they make all their parts in-house. Most other brands get their cases made replica rolex uk on Cheap Rolex Watches from outside suppliers. So even though 904L steel is better than 316L steel for replica rolex mens watches, it is more expensive, requires special tools and skills, and is overall more difficult to work with. This has prevented other brands (so far) from taking advantage of it, and is something special that Cheap replica rolex UK has. The benefit is obvious once you handle any steel Replica Rolex watch.





(イ) 複数の証明米を混合して用いた場合にあっては、当該複数の証明米のうち一部の証明米のみについて表示することができる。

↑ 複数のお米をブレンドしていても、一部のお米しか表示しなくていいということですね(>_<) (表示禁止事項) 第5条 (5) 原料玄米のうち使用割合が50%未満であるものについて、当該原料玄米の産地(国産品又は輸入品の別を含む。以下同じ。)、品種又は産年を表す用語(使用割合を、産地、品種又は産年を表す用語のうち最も大きく表示してあるものと同程度以上の大きさで付してあるものを除く。) ↑ 使用割合が50%を超えていれば、産地・品種・産年を大きく表示していいということですね(>_<) つまり、新米が51%入っていれば、残りは去年のお米でも「新米」と表示できますし、「○○県産こしひかり」と書かれていても、その49%は、「○○県産」でも「こしひかり」でもない可能性だってあるということです。 こんなふうに、偽装表示されていなくても、どういうお米がどのくらい入っているか、表示からは知ることができない場合が多いのです。 アンダンテでは、信頼できる農家さんのお米をブレンドせず、そのまま販売しています(山都町の矢部米は地区グループのお米です)。どの農家さんも安全で美味しいお米を作ろうと努力なさっているところばかりです。それぞれ個性があって、それぞれにちがった美味しさがあります。今年の新米もちらほら出始めました。丹精込めて作られた、美味しい新米をお召し上がりください♪